LILITH CZAR Debuts New Album “Created From Filth And Dust” Out Now via Sumerian Records


Debuts New Album

Created From Filth And Dust

Out Now via Sumerian Records


“…Lilith knows exactly who she is and can now soberly claim her own space 

as a woman, a musician and a king.” PAPER Mag


“Soft, ambient guitars accompany Czar’s powerful vocals 

throughout the track, which will have you longing for a place of solitude 

by the time you’re done listening to it.” Loudwire


A force to be reckoned with, Lilith Czar is thrilled to share her highly anticipated new album Created From Filth And Dust, out now via Sumerian Records. The album, which features lead singles “King” and  “Lola,” has recently captured the attention of PAPER Magazine, Loudwire, Rock Sound and more. Created From Filth And Dust is an evocative invitation into her bold new world. It is aggressive music with warm accessibility; huge hooks with driving hard rock. Created From Filth And Dust is simply timeless. To check out the new album, please visit:

Created From Filth and Dust Track Listing:

1. Intro Poem
2. Feed My Chaos
3. King
4. Anarchy
5. 100 Little Deaths
6. Lola
7. Edge of Seventeen
8. Bad Love
9. In My Head
10. Unholy
11. Burn with Me
12. Diamonds to Dust


About Lilith Czar:

Lilith Czar arrives with the force of an otherworldly thunder, arising in visceral rebirth from an untimely grave of surrender and sacrifice. Her voice is the sound of supernatural determination, summoned with a confessional vulnerability and unapologetic authenticity. The girl who was Juliet Simms – her dreams discouraged and dismissed, her identity confined and controlled – is no more. In her place stands Lilith Czar, a new vessel forged in unbridled willpower and unashamed desire. 

Her motivation is simple: if it’s truly “a man’s world”? She wants to be King. 

Lilith Czar is more than music. Her songs – like “King,” “Bad Love,” and “100 Little Deaths” – are anthems. She sounds both larger than life and hauntingly intimate, baring all in the ballad “Diamonds to Dust” or unleashing hell with the banshee wail of “Feed My Chaos.” As much as Lilith Czar’s music is perfectly suited for modern rock radio, it’s simultaneously timeless. Thanks in no small part to Czar’s rich voice, Created from Filth And Dust wouldn’t sound out of place in any significant rock era.

“I know who I am now, completely,” the singer declares. “I’ve found my purpose, creating art to inspire others to stand up for what they believe, to fight for their dreams, and to never give up.” 

She summarizes the Lilith Czar origin story like this: “When you find yourself beaten down by the world, in those times you can either let it destroy you or let it create you.”  Created from filth and dust, destined to be King… Lilith Czar.


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