FROZEN SOUL Announce Wrecking Ball Metal Madness Livestream Ft. Devourment & Creeping Death


FROZEN SOUL live up to their name as the sound of death metal at its most cold and classic. Their new album “Crypt of Ice” is out now and can be ordered HERE.

The Dallas-based quintet has announced Wrecking Ball Metal Madness, a livestream event set for Thursday, January 28 at 8 pm CT/ 3 am CET.

The stream will be available to re – watch afterwards. Click HERE to check it out.

It will feature live sets from Frozen Soul, Devourment, and Creeping Death. The performances take place in an abandoned industrial freezer — making it very “on brrr-and” for Frozen Soul.

Exclusive merch will also be available at Holy Mountain Printing 

“We are so proud of what we have done with Wrecking Ball Metal Madness,” the band shares. “This event is our DIY take on the old shows and the horror genre we all loved growing up. It focuses on fun and we really feel that we did our best to give the audience something funny — and sick. This will be an ongoing series that we hope to expand on and do more with bringing more bands in mix and continuing to give people enjoyment during such dark times. This event will have an exclusive store through Holy Mountain Printing, which will include limited merch from the bands, as well as physical VHS tapes specially made of the show.”


FROZEN SOUL’s brand of straightforward, in-your-face death metal is a gasp of fresh air in a genre that’s stretched the very limits of technicality. Fully formed in 2018, the quintet has rapidly made a name for itself and churned the underground with a sound that evokes the old school sound of bands like Obituary, Mortician, and Bolt Thrower. That reverence for death metal’s roots was apparent from Frozen Soul’s initial four-song Encased in Ice demo, which includes a cover of Mortician’s “Witch’s Coven” and was released in early 2019 on California’s Maggot Stomp Records. 

FROZEN SOUL entered the studio in early March 2020 to record its first full-length with former guitarist Daniel Schmuck handling production and mixing duties. Crypt of Ice is nothing short of a breath of very fresh and very cold air on death metal’s fiery landscape. From re-recorded demo tracks including the call-to-arms of “Encased in Ice” and the savage frost blister of “Wraith of Death” to the brutal, pummeling, and momentous guitar churn of “Arctic Stranglehold,” FROZEN SOUL have delivered a record that embraces the genre’s past while pushing death metal forward with frigid force.

Vocals – Chad Green
Guitar – Michael Munday
Bass – Samantha Mobley
Drums – Matt Dennard
Guitar – Chris Bonner



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