’77 Release New Track ‘Where Have They Gone’

Spain’s ’77 are excited to present “Where Have They Gone”, the second song taken from their upcoming album, “Bright Gloom”, which is due for release 27 April 2018 via Century Media Records.

Check out the static clip for “Where Have They Gone”:
The band comments: “This song is probably the most introspective one lyrically and the most experimental one musically. We think it shows a face of ’77 that was hidden in the past, but that has been always there. It came up pretty spontaneously in the rehearsal room; Andy started to play the intro rhythm with the toms and I just jammed over it and came up with the main riff and the bridge part. When I got home, I finished the music part adding the chorus and solo sections. We can’t wait to see what do y’all think about the new colours we added to the ’77 rock n’ roll palette.”
The band previously released the track “It’s Near”:

You can preorder “Bright Gloom” under the following link: 69cc9928-6e2a-4bd9-b68f-c66d26f7f810.jpg
Since ’77 are true enthusiasts of rock so it’s no surprise that their new album “Bright Gloom” is the hard rock album that you would expect from the quartet surrounding the brothers Armand (lead singer/rhythm guitar) and LG (lead guitar/backing vocals) Valeta.

“This time we didn’t want to overthink and just play what comes natural to us”, explains LG. An approach that created two contrasting vibes on the album: a darker and a brighter atmosphere. “As we wanted to emphasize the concept of duality we came up with the album title, ‘Bright Gloom’.” The album was recorded live onto tape in Brazil Studios in Madrid between November and December of 2017 with the well-known Spanish producer Raül Refree and Javier Ortiz as engineer assistant. “We mixed it from the 24track tape onto a 2 track tape with analogue gear such as compressors, EQs, tape delays and spring and plate reverbs. The analogue orgy really goes all the way, as the mastering by Alex Psaroudakis was done from a 1/4 inch tape onto a 1/2 inch tape.”

‘77 are no slouches when it comes to perfection. Ensuring that the album cover also mirrored the music, the group hired designer Pol Abran Cantador and Branca Studios, a graphic design firm bridging music, film, art, and culture using 1970’s aesthetics.
“Bright Gloom” is the first album with bassist Dani Martin. “We’ve known Dani for a long time now,” says LG. “He’s actually a big fan of the band. He even has ‘77 inked on his arm. He came to record a video of our show in Barcelona when we presented our ‘Maximum Rock’n’Roll’ album. He was also working in the same profession, so we met often. He’s a very easygoing guy, who fits pretty well in the ‘77 family.” That he’s “an authentic music freak, gear fan, and ‘70s lover” makes his homecoming on “Bright Gloom” all the more perfect.
The following live shows are already announced around the release of “Bright Gloom”:
Presented by: Guitar, Classic Rock
04.05.18 (DE) Osnabrück – Bastard Club
05.05.18 (DE) Düsseldorf – Pitcher
07.05.18 (DE) Frankfurt – Nachtleben
09.05.18 (DE) Hamburg – Astra Stube
10.05.18 (DE) Berlin – Maze
12.05.18 (DE) Metzingen – Club Thing e.V.
14.05.18 (DE) München – Backstage Club

‘77 are:
Armand Valeta – Lead Singer / Rhythm Guitar
LG Valeta – Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals
Dani Martin – Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals
Andy Cobo – Drums
’77 online:


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