Business Roundup – 10 brands we have lost, social media & communication blogs and how to protect yourself from bad business

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The last decade has seen many changes on our high street with retailers struggling against high business rates and changing shopping trends. The last decade has seen many brands topple. Here we look at the big players that went under and what happened.

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Social media is an effective way to keep in touch with people who are interested in your business. In the last ten years, social media usage has become much more widespread, making it an obvious choice when it comes to communication for many people.

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Delivering consistent and regular communication to existing and potential clients is vital for business engagement. Getting it right takes a lot of trial and error, and what works for one business may not work for another, but communication is key, making sure you deliver your message on brand and in the tone of voice that your audience relates to.

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Often businesses find out too late that their customers are in trouble financially or that major changes have been put in place which can then have a knock-on effect to their own business. Perhaps your customer has sold part of the business, meaning that your position as a supplier is in jeopardy. Perhaps a key director has resigned, and you might be required to re-pitch to secure an account. Being in possession of all the facts is vital in business, but with so much going on behind closed doors, how can you be sure that you’re not the last to know?

identeco’s Business Support Toolkit subscribers have that intelligence at their fingertips and all for an annual fee of £79.95. The online portal which operates in real-time allows subscribers to search for directors and shareholders – either by an individual’s full name, company or company number. You can cross-reference with other directorships – allowing you to understand an individual’s current and historic business interests. Get insight into any irregular patterns in their involvement with a company; a short tenure might indicate that they tend to come in and shut operations down. Perhaps they already have a vested interest in another business that offers the same service as you?

With the business landscape moving so quickly and 62% of SMEs struggling with the knock-on effect of late payment, it has never been more imperative that we protect ourselves from risk. For the first time, you can carry out unlimited searches and download reports giving you the intelligence you need to put yourself in the driving seat and make informed decisions to protect your own business.

As well as director and shareholder searches, the £79.95 annual subscription fee includes company searches and access to financial reporting, a unique company health check, an account monitoring service to alert you to any changes in a company’s status, a data auditing service to make sure that business data is compliant and accurate, unlimited bespoke marketing and telesales lists as well as reporting on new entrants to market, acquisition targets and a document retrieval service.

For more information on the Business Support Toolkit or to enquire about a free, no-obligation trial, click here, email us today or call 01527 549 531.

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