BOMBUS announce new album “Vulture Culture”


Credit: Anders Bergstedt

On November 15th the Swedish crew will release their most vital album to date,Vulture Culture”.

As civilisation crumbles, everyone needs to find a good party at the end of the world. Loud, proud, bombastic and belligerent, Swedish metal crew Bombus have been raging against the dying of mankind’s light for the last decade, a consistent and reliable force for massive riffs and even bigger choruses, wielding enough fire and fury to power a fleet of Death Stars.

The album was recorded with producer Daniel Johansson and mixed and mastered by revered studio guru Jens Bogren (Opeth/Katatonia/Dimmu Borgir).

“I think there is really no other band that sounds like us,” says Fredrik “Feffe” Berglund. “But still we sound like a hundred other bands! If you listen to Vulture Culture you can spot the obvious connection to Black Sabbath and Motörhead but if you listen again you’ll hear traces of Queen, The Prodigy, Tragedy, Pink Floyd, The Partisans, Pantera, ABBA… and it all fits in there! We have never fitted into any particular genre or box and maybe that has made us fall between chairs at times, but if you ask me, that’s what makes us special.”



Tracklist “Vulture Culture”

1. A Ladder – Not A Shovel
2. (You Are All Just) Human Beings
3. Mama
4. It’s All Over
5. In the Shadows
6. We Lost A Lot Of Blood Today
7. Vulture Culture
8. Two Wolves and One Sheep
9. Feeling Is Believing

In truth, it’s not /only/ rock’n’roll… in fact, Vulture Culture provides clear evidence that Bombus are exactly the band the world needs right now. Uplifting anthems, delivered with maximum passion and rendered in ear-blitzing multi-dimensional splendour, with endless giant riffs, incisive melodies and dynamic moments of darkness and light… all human life is here, and it’s heavy as Hell and utterly irresistible. If the end of the world is coming, Bombus are going down in a blaze of rock’n’roll glory.

The pre – order for “Vulture Culture” will start on Friday, September 13th!

Bombus are:

Feffe (Guitar & Vocals)
Matte (Guitar & Vocals)
Simon (Guitar)
Peter (Drums)
Ola (Bass)

Bombus online:



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