THE LOUNGE KITTENS Release a Tribute to Avicii; Open Up About Mental Health

THE LOUNGE KITTENS are showing fans something a little different with their latest release, a 4-song medley of tracks by Avicii, the Swedish DJ who sadly took his own life last year.

You can watch the Avicii medley here:

Delicately stepping into a new genre, the girls have used their latest music video to start their own conversation about mental health in the music industry and show fans a different side to the sequins and sparkles.

“As a band, we’ve been through a really difficult time. We very nearly didn’t make it and we’ve worked really hard, both personally and together, to mend what needed fixing.” says Zan Kitten. “These Avicii tracks ended up as a sort of soundtrack to that time, coincidentally managing to say a lot of the things we were feeling.”

“On the surface, Avicii’s music is so joyous and full of spirit and energy but lyrically, there is so much pain lying underneath that really became apparent and heart-breaking once he’d passed.” says Jen Kitten. “We all connected to his lyrics, from our own experiences with mental health and wanted to honour his music and celebrate the rise and fall of the creative mind.”
Throughout the week the ladies have posted candid videos of themselves talking about their own struggles with mental health and the rigours of being in a band.

“There is an unspoken understanding among touring performers and crew of the emotional toll that the lifestyle takes.” continues Timia Kitten. “It’s a strange, cyclical existence where relationships are tested and the temptation of excess is too much for many. We felt it important to give this video some context, while it features some epic highlights of our time together, its mixed with unseen footage of some of the more trying moments and sewn together with us constantly in the car, which is the reality of actually being in a band.” 

Fans of the band have lauded their efforts to get a conversation going and have shared many of their own experiences with the girls. “We’re not done.” says Zan. “It’s time to open up and be more honest. It’s honestly humbling to hear that our music has helped some of our fans to feel stronger, to laugh, to stick it out for another day. If us speaking about our experiences can help ONE person to identify and feel less alone, then it’s completely worth baring our souls.”

The Avicii Medley is available to download and stream via all major retailers  

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