THULSA DOOM Release New Video ‘Shadows On the X-Rays’

THULSA DOOM have released their second music video ‘Shadows On the X-Rays’ from their comeback album “A Keen Eye For The Obvious” today. 

The album itself will get its international release this Friday 16 February, and will be distributed via Stickman Records.

You can watch the video for ‘Shadows On the X-Rays’ here:

“I wrote some good riffs for this one,” singer/lyricist Papa Doom says. “As a young child, I had two recurring dreams. Both were terrifying at first, but one of them excited me as it returned. I remember climbing wooden steps, a steep, tall construction near the woods where I grew up, knowing as I climbed, that I was going to reach the top soon, and that I would just keep running until I fell off the edge. I got used to waking up before I hit the ground, and soon, the fall itself became a spectacular and controlled rush. I still enjoy heights because I imagine the fall. 

The works of Anselm Kiefer, one of my favourite visual artists, pulls me in. Sometimes like staring over a cliff, never soft or merciful. Huge enough to surround me, yet cleverly and beautifully detailed, making it completely real to me. I climb it again to feel those seconds of falling. 

The first time I heard the riffs and the construction that would become ‘Shadows On the X-Rays’, I knew it was time to tell this story. I sing my stories knowing that most of you don’t care, so I take pleasure in hearing you sing them back to me instead. I understand perfectly well what you mean when you do. 

So it makes sense to me that the pictures in the video are from a concert. Still, I can’t watch myself in videos, because I look like a complete “rasshøl” every time. I didn’t feel like a rasshøl at the time, so I don’t know why that happens. I do know that the song is early in the set, so I don’t move too much. Sorry. 

In the second verse I have stolen a line from the wonderful David Sedaris (feel free to sue me as long as I get to meet you in court, David). It is the voice of God saying: “Today, I shall create. Tomorrow, I am Vengeful.”

Thank you for reading. Love, Papa.”

The first video from the album was the excellent ‘Lady Nina’, which can be watched here:


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