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Monday, February 25, 2013



Viza are premiering their film noir music video, ‘A Magic Ladder’ on their very own Youtube channel.

Check out the video here:

The video embodies a new direction for the group’s strong history of creative music videos, featuring a cinematic style set in the 1940s to couch the band’s musical alchemy represented by ‘A Magic Ladder’. Director Jasmine Daghighian and Producer Jacob Halajian joined team Viza to help realise the vision of bringing ‘A Magic Ladder’ into a music video setting with a unique and tasteful concept.  The song features the band’s strong tradition of fusing different styles, including intertwining oud and guitar melodies, dynamic percussion and provocative lyrics.

“This video takes one of our most balanced and touching efforts and brings it to life – it was a great experience for all of us to outline the concept and work together in making this all come to fruition,” states oud player Andrew Kzirian. “Personally this music video allowed me to hone in on my acting skills, which was an artistically enriching experience,” says singer K’noup. “I died for this video,” jokes Viza guitarist Shant Bismejian.

The video is the fifth installment in Viza’s music videography, following ‘Breakout the Violins’ (Tadeh Daschi), ‘Trans-Siberian Standoff’ (Tadeh Daschi), ‘Carnivalia’ (Shant Hamassian) and the cover song ‘Whiskey Bar / Alabama Song’ (Shant Hamassian).

The idea of making the music video came originally from me defining the ‘magic ladder’ for myself. I decided that the magic ladder represented unrequited love. Something you couldn’t get that you were always chasing… I personified that elusive feeling to be a femme fatale. The ultimate thing that you want but can never get. That’s what led me to go with a film noir setting that I wanted to blend with the band’s distinct style,” states director Daghigian.

Catch Viza live:

March 14 @ Borderline, London

March 15 @ Hammerfest (Hafany Mor/Holiday Park)

Borderline tickets are on sale now at –

Hammerfest tickets are on sale now at –

Viza’s latest album ‘Carnavalia’ is out now.

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